Assessment Update
1. SB 97 Funding
  • Notification and reimbursement instruction have been sent
  • January 31, 2013 reimbursement deadline to allow reallocation of unspent funds before the end of the fiscal year

2. UTIPs Update
Add UTIPS Core to your M86 whitelist. An issue with the default filtering of UTIPS Core within the M86 filtering system has been identified. UTIPS Core traffic is being incorrectly categorized as “Web-based Proxies/Anonymizers” and the pattern detection content is being listed as “AppProxy_NewTOR”. This filtering is causing intermittent problems within the application and is preventing some users from having access to this service. This year UTIPS and UTIPS Core will be using the IP Range if you would like to whitelist all UTIPS services.

3. Summative testing
  • Public reporting field added to pre-print spec
  • DWA- Pre-load files are going to be submitted directly to Measurement Inc. MI will perform SSID and CACTUS validation on files, as well as other typical validations.

4. Survey for assessment technology

5. RFP Update
  • Bids are due Oct 1
  • Selection committee is scheduled to complete work by Oct. 31.
  • Contract finalized in January
  • Formative assessment is included in the RFP

6. Mobile Device Support
  • Chromebooks: Web-based version of iTest is available upon LEAs acceptance of risks
  • iPads: Web-based version of iTest may only be used for Elementary Language Arts tests (the only tests without Flash-based tools), and upon LEAs acceptance of risks.
  • Other devices: USOE is not aware of any other devices that have been used.

Risks for AD to review/consider:
  • CRTs are designed and tested for Firefox 3.6 and 3.6.3. Using Safari or Chrome introduces the possibility for display issues. Measured Progress does not support devices outside of technical specifications, and offers no warranty for using non-spec systems.
  • Web-based security risks must be managed (e.g., active proctoring or device security)
  • Support for devices such as iPads and Chromebooks is part of the current RFP, but until the new contract is finalized, we cannot, guarantee 2014 support for mobile devices or small machines such as Chromebooks.

Web-based instructions should be acquired directly from USOE so the risks can be discussed and agreed to.