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Download: Spring Meeting (pdf)


  1. Adaptive Testing - Want html5 based assessments. No plugins. Not tied to specific platform.
  2. Technology Readiness Tool awarded to Pearson. Verification if ready to take the test.
    1. SBAC - Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. Measuring local readiness to plan for online assessments.
      1. Assist transition to next generation of assessments
      2. asses current readiness
      3. identify gaps and needs
      4. develop a readiness plan
    2. to be single point of survey for technology within districts
    3. 6 collection windows between 2012 and 2014
      1. once each spring and fall
      2. Computers & other devices
      3. Ratio of devices to test takers
      4. Network infrastructure
      5. personnel
    4. districts will have access to the reports

USOE Initiatives

  1. funds from the state how to determine distribution. Grant vs WPU?
    1. limits on what the funds to be used for?
    2. do we want money for more than just to provide testing?
  2. Digital Content
    1. RU21 grant for mobile grant
    2. Ck12 flexbooks
      1. 1/3 for math textbooks done and read for next year
      2. 2 utah curriculum subject areas, math & language arts, available electronically


  1. Wireless Generation
    1. Application this spring for next school year
  2. Utah Alternative Assessment
    1. for most significantly cognitive disabled kids
    2. online this year
    3. not a student test - teacher states if student was proficient on the "test"
  3. Summative testing for next year unclear
  4. Utips is up and running
    1. code releases around every 2 weeks
    2. priority 1 - partner with teaching and learning to develop tests for common core to identify gaps
    3. priority 2 - csv file import with students
    4. may do some tighter integration with SIS in future
    5. import tool is currently alpha phase
    6. hope to at some point integrate with UTREX


  1. Governance
    1. HP 53
      1. 11 members of board
    2. Executive Director will be hired by the board - at will position
    3. most board appts have been completed
  2. eRate
    1. 2012 application closes at March 20th
    2. State of Utah tally 17.6 million in funding requests at this time
    3. CIPA policy needs to be updated and available at any given request
      1. must be derived from open discussion/board meetings
    4. Forms 479 will soon be gathered in to UEN
    5. Apply for Priority 2 even if you won't get it since that at least defines the need
  3. Training
    1. Lots of training on the Canvas course system currently being offered
    2. talk with scott allen if you want to implement canvas
    3. wanting to develop a course that teaches how to be a good facilitator for online instruction
    4. wants to hire 2 teachers to be facilitors for 2 online courses each at $500 per course
      1. email **** if interested
    5. once a week doing presentation on iPads
    6. online offerings have been extended
    7. fall will have a course for eBook online/management/utilizing
    8. summer is filling up fast so contact quickly if any summer training is desired
    9. the fee for canvas will be eRatable. More details will be coming, but limited information at this time.
  4. Wimba will be kept for one more year