Scot McCombs - Welcome to TCC

Firewall and Filtering - Jim Langston

Manage Chromebooks

Firewalls in Use

Network Accessible/Responsible Use Policies (AUP), (RUP)
  • Enforce the Policy, Administrators, Board, HR ....... IT's role
  • Education, Training
  • Digital Citizenship, Daily Instruction

Future - Wes Fergason (UETN)

  • RFP for iBoss - selected from the top 2 finishers, Content Keeper was second - half a point of each other
  • 3 year contract - can renew 2 additional years if desired
  • SSL Decryption - 14600 model
  • Agents/Clients - Chrome, Google SSO, Mac, Windows
  • What will it look like a year from now?
  • Is there a time when filtering becomes obsolete?
  • 10GB Card
  • UETN - not doing a RFP for firewalls
  • NUES Region - Duke Mossman is doing an RFP for a firewall -

Assessment - Jared Wright, USBE

Online ACT vs Paper

  • RFP - new provider grades 3-8, vendor posted this week for 18-19 school year
  • RFP - grades 9-10, starting the process, start 18-19
  • Sage contract will be done this year, 9-10, 11th Grade ACT

Data Privacy - Dr. Whitney Phillips

Web Site
Training Materials

  1. Designate a Student Data Manager
  2. Public posted data governance plan
  3. IT Security Plan
  4. Input data into the meta data dictionary
  5. Annual Training - data confidentiality

David's Training Video


Discussion Point:
USBE Focus on Board Rule - Student Data vs. School District Focus which is Much Larger - Protection of more things, phishing attack, networks, our jobs, data, assets.

Is there a conflict with regards to security? - Alignment with UETN Security Best Practices

Training - will come to your site, training lasts for an hour


Technology Inventory 2016 -
Connected Nation Presentation

J. Brent Legg,

SAINTcon Leadership Strand - Jeff Egly - UETN

Canvas License Implementation - Jared Covilli
24/7 support, aspire integration challenges, training 1-3 hrs on site - mooc class available in March 2018, Last C-Forum - turn on these features, Mastery Paths - Individual Instruction, Quinn Blog,

Utah Futures - currently unfunded - pushing fund this legislative session
Edcamp Utah November 4th at UofU campus

Wireless User group / LTE - Cory Stokes, Alan Gibbons (Chair), Jason Eyre
Education Broadband Spectrum and LTE
LTE Presentation

Eduroam Update - It is progressing in clusters
  • For Faculty and Staff first, then students
  • Filtering is an issue, working on this
  • UEN - "pick up the cost"

Legislative Priorities - Dennis Sampson
  • 1.3 million ongoing money
  • 4.8 one-time money
  • St. George to Las Vegas Backup link
  • 25 new schools
  • backbone upgrades, exceeded 85Gs, Upgrade the core 100GB
  • NOC - 24/7 staffing
  • Replacement equipment
  • Utah Futures


Dale Roberts, Granite School District
WIreless 85% of their network traffic
RFP - using the 5 basic controls items for security to help identify risks and areas that could be breached
Secure Hardware and Software and know them, remove administrative rights on devices, software/hardware requests then went way up, disable auto run across all devices,

**//cached//** web browser password stealer
  • students use to capture passwords cashed in browsers

Millard School District / Team 4 Tech Participation / CoSN - Kevin Chapman


Sarah Young
Legislative requests

DTL Summit thank you - feedback

Utah Jump Page:

Utah LEARN Platform ( has a NEXT STEP survey to request start up support and training:

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Rick Gaisford
  • CenturyLink Grant - applications
  • SpeakUp 2017 program - feedback use of technology in schools - opens October 16, 2017
  • Midas professional learning, replacement of Ontrack - Up and running, building the catalog, creating LEA credentials just email Rick
  • VMWare Re-newel - Due next June, now is the time for discussions with VMWare, Rick will set a meeting in the next several weeks to start the discussions with VMWare

CoSN State Chapter - Cory Stokes and Tim Smith

Vote by TCC body
  • motion by Scot McCombs, seconded by Robert Potts to create the Utah CoSN Chapter - approved
  • motion by Scot McCombs, seconded by Derek Larsen to establish Tim Smith as chair of the Utah CoSN Chapter - approved
The Utah Cosn Chapter will work closely with the TCC Board and membership