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Document Cameras

iPads as document cameras - (SEDC Link)
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Disaster Recovery

  • Do you understand your Business Continuity
  • Strategies (There are more now than ever) - Commercial Hot Site (most expensive) - everything provided by vendor to get up and running quickly; Warm Site - Some equipment and services provided by vendor; Cold Site - IT provides all it's own equipment, either at separate facility or rented out off-site facility; Mirrored Site - selected data is mirrored instantaneously to a similar device located in an off-site facility; Mobile Site - a semi-tractor and trailer or Van is brought in with equipment, this can be vendor supplied or owned by IT; Cloud Site - commercial service to maintain data in a cloud storage.
  • Sample Disaster Recovery Plan and Checklist (.docx)
  • Helpful Web Site - Disaster Recovery Journal
  • Three letter acronyms starting with 'R' that you need to memorize RTO, RPO, RTA, RCO